i've been following this tutorial for adding IK to rigs but it does not seem to be working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0IhgS_us5U. like once i set up the IK constraint for the leg and connect it to the foot IK bone the leg warps and stretches, even after i add a pole target across from the knee. i think its because the knee has two bones but i can't be sure

i would greatly appreciate it if someone can walk me through adding IK to this rig, which i know is a great undertaking. or if thats too much if you can just give me a guide on the legs and hips to enable crouch etc. really appreciate this thank you in advance blender pro.

the rig has original in-game bones from final fantasy xi which i'd like to keep because the converting process keeps the weight painting and game animations. blender file attached

enter image description here


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