I'd like to split one network into subprocess' and assign them to specific Nodetrees. General idea is to have Custom Execution Trigger on every subprocess to improve overall performance.

But how to transfer values between trees?

I can write/read values in Object ID properties, but they has limited use case, throwing error for Meshlist/Splines:

only floats, ints and dicts are allowed in ID property arrays

Also what is this interesting button Go to parent nodetree (green highlight)?:

enter image description here


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You can just store/get data from any node tree in memory as described in this answer. Alternatively, you can use the Data Interface node to pass data between node trees.

In a node tree, you can export some data using the Data Interface node, then, in another node tree, you can access that data by referencing the node tree name and the Data Interface node name using the following expression:


Where nodeTreeName is your node tree name and nodeName is the Data Interface node name. Here is an example:

Node Tree

As for the Go to parent nodetree operator, this has nothing to do with Animation Nodes. It is a native operator that allows one to exit a node group when using cycles or the compositor (Pressing Tab).


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