Previously I had been using the VSE quick functions add-on 'parenting tool'. However since trying it again in 2.79b it keeps freezing up after I do a 2nd operation (like moving the strip and child..then moving it again = freeze) for a good 3 seconds...making it unusable.

Is there another addon or way to accomplish parent child relationships?

I basically want to move my audio strip and video strip in tandem. And have the cuts of one work on both of them unless specified otherwise. I had been meta'ing them into a single strip beforehand. However the drawback of meta'ing is that I can't get at the information inside without the hassle of going in and making changes then going out, and umeta'ing reverts all changes. Plus you can't see all the information outside that particular meta strip, which is bad if I'm molding together multiple audio tracks across different meta strips.

I'm trying to create an audio mix of various tracks, while retaining the sync of particular visual segments where the audio has a lipdub in the video part. This means I need free manipulation of the audio strip (shorten and lengthen) while the video strip follows along underneath. Atm the only viable option is to play with the audio strips on their own then afterwards go through the hassle of finding the old video segments and manually re-syncing them.


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