I want to copy a 3D wire frame I made by grease pencil and paste or import it into another 3D wire flame. so that I can compare those two...work on both of them in the same 2D animation tab Don't know how to do it...

blender 2.8 Mac pro user


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I'm just a beginner, but if what you wish to bring into your new blender work area is a .blend file, you can "append" (otherwise known as import) the file from the File menu in the upper left. I believe that you must be in "Object" mode when doing so. If I'm wrong or I misunderstood, my apologies. Perhaps this will help: Additional link info


Anyone trying to import grease pencil drawing into another grease pencil file:

  • Click File --> Append
  • Select the Grease Pencil File you want to import -->
  • A new menu of directories pops up, select COLLECTION -->
  • A new list of collections pops up --> select COLLECTION again.
  • Done, your Grease Pencil object should now be "in" another Grease Pencil canvas.

Additional resources on stackexchange. They did not help me, but might help you:

How do i copy material from one .blend file to another?
How can I reuse existing materials, objects, etc from an existing .blend?


How To Import Grease Pencil Object


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