though its my second time modeling, its my first time weight painting + working with mesh aspects particularly close to one another.

enter image description here

seen above the right arm bone has absolutely no influence to the belt-tail part of the mesh

enter image description here however when the arm is moved in the pose menu it moves with it! any thoughts on how to fix this?

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yes, on the object property panel (to your right) go to the tab where it shows a icon,triangle of vertices. Look for the Vertex group panel there. You´ll see a list of "weight groups" you need to locate the one that is named exactly like the bone is afecting your tail. Once you find it, you´ll see your arm turns on with color (in your image is red) and then go to the T panel on your viewport (press T) and on the tool select SUBSTRACT brush. Place the settings to : 1 in weight. 1 in strenght. Now, paint the TAIL.

This will substract instantly every weight influence the tail is having from any other bone.

Once you´re done, switch back to DRAW in your tool palette.

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