Blender only shows TFF fonts, on all versions I've tried (Windows 10).

The problem: When you add text (add>text), and you go to the font modifier tab, attempt to change font, and navigate to system fonts, only TFF fonts show up (even if filter disabled). OTF fonts do not show up. All fonts are installed properly and show up in other programs (Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Absolutely Everything Else).

My personal workaround: I've been using maya for any text, and then exporting it as OBJ into blender.

Anyone know how to make blender support OTF fonts? Seems strange that maya supports this and blender doesn't.

Thank you.


I found this on the blendernation site:

Blender supports all the major fonts supported by the freetype library, including PostScript Type1 and Type3, TrueType, and OpenType. However fancy OpenType features such as automatic ligatures aren't supported and it seems Blender doesn't even support things like built-in kerning metrics either.

So, you may find an .OTF that works. But if you're pressed for time, convert it to .TTF, or one of the other abovementioned, with e.g. http://www.freefontconverter.com


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