I have been using the remesh - blocks modifier and exporting it as an alembic format. However on export Blender seems to mess up the normals. This creates a sort of smoothing effect when programs such as Unity and Maya import the file. In fact I have corrected the normals on maya and it looks like its supposed to. The only way to fully get correct shading on every frame is to use another program such as cinema 4D to export it again as an alembic. How every this poses a massive issue as it export an alebic file again significantly increases the file size. So what is 57mb becomes over 140mb.

I would very much like to sort the issue out with blender to avoid large file sizes. How do I fix this? Why does blender do this but not cinema 4D?

  • $\begingroup$ I have done some further tests. I re-exported the alembic cache in question using Cinema 4D then re-imported that into Blender. Now Blender has the issue of the smoothing effect, where as cinema 4d, maya and Unity does not. To me this seems that Blender deals with normals differently.... WHY!? How do I fix this? $\endgroup$ – Mike Feb 27 '19 at 16:36

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