In Blender 2.8 how do I change the settings for the workbench render properties via python? The settings for the workbench render, not a viewport. For example if I manually change the lighting to FLAT, then the info panel reflects the command

bpy.context.scene.shading.light = 'FLAT'

but when running this myself it says that 'Scene' doesn't contain the attribute 'shading'. Same result if I directly access the scene object through bpy.data.

In the same render settings panel, in the 'Film' dropdown I can successfully change the Alpha Mode with bpy.context.scene.render.alpha_mode = "TRANSPARENT", but the settings related to the render engine have no such access that I can find.


You could try

bpy.data.scenes['Scene'].display.shading.light = 'FLAT'

(thanks to @nicklamer on #blenderpython)

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    $\begingroup$ Also works for accessing bpy.context.scene.display.shading.color_type $\endgroup$ – Simon Repp Oct 30 '19 at 12:42

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