I'm importing 300-400 images via Images as planes add-on, stacking them at world origin and below each other (0.001 offset). Render engine is Blender Internal. Then I want to disable interpolation for all textures with this small code:

import bpy

for x in bpy.data.textures:
    x.use_interpolation = False

Sometimes it works, especially for amounts of images less than 10-20, but usually it throws error:

AttributeError: 'Texture' object has no attribute 'use_interpolation'


Non blender internal textures

There may be some textures in blend that don't have the use_interpolation property. For example switch to cycles and add a new brush texture. bpy.data.textures["Texture"] the newly added one, doesn't.

Check whether the texture has the attribute with hasattr

>>> for t in bpy.data.textures:
...     t.name, hasattr(t, "use_interpolation")
('dice', True)
('Tex', True)
('Texture', False)

Find all with that property, then set.

bi_textures = [t for t in bpy.data.textures if hasattr(t, "use_interpolation")]
for t in bi_textures:
    t.use_interpolation = False

or get the textures from the materials on the planes. Test code to get all textures on selected nesh objects

import bpy

context = bpy.context

textures = [ts.texture 
        for o in context.selected_objects if o.type == 'MESH'
        for m in o.data.materials 
        for ts in m.texture_slots if ts and ts.texture]

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