I modeled a face and now, I want to animate it with a motion tracking.

1 - In the motion tracking panel, I track my mouth with the white dot around it.

2 - I go to "reconstruction" and I click on "Link empty to track"

3 - The trackers are on my 3d view.

4 - I click on a bone of the mouth and I apply a constraint "copy location"

5 - my mesh is totally distorted because the tracking point is not completely in place.

... and here is my problem. I can not move this bone! I can move it on the "Y" axis, but that's it. I am trying to convert the tracking point by clicking on "constraint to F-curve",it changes, I can move it as I want, and I can get the bone back in place, but when I click Play, the bone does not want to be still in place and comes back to the origin of the tracker. Can someone help me? Without lying, I spend my days for a week on this problem, without success! Thank you so much!


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