i'm unable to get inside a python script the path of th Environment texture that i assign in World->Color from the Blender UI.

I want to set the .hdr there and than get from there the path (C:/.../123.hdr) for other uses, but i need it inside a script.

Thanks for help!

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Finding things with the python console.

The scene has a world. context.scene.world. When nodes are being used the object will have a node tree. world.node_tree The tree has nodes. Consult the manual or the many questions / answers re nodes for more info.

Note: The properties space has a world member of context context.world other spaces may not

Here is a simple example using the python console. C is a convenience variable C = bpy.context

>>> C.scene.world

>>> C.scene.world.node_tree
bpy.data.node_groups['Shader Nodetree']

Here I've used autocomplete CtrlSpace to expand available options

>>> C.scene.world.node_tree.nodes['
                                   Environment Texture']
                                   World Output']
>>> C.scene.world.node_tree.nodes['Environment Texture'].image

See that the environment node has an associated image. Since I've simply added a blank untitled image it has no filepath. A loaded image will.

>>> env_img = C.scene.world.node_tree.nodes['Environment Texture'].image
>>> env_img.file
>>> env_img.filepath

Adding an environment node, given you have a path to the image path

>>> world = C.scene.world
>>> world.use_nodes = True
>>> enode = C.scene.world.node_tree.nodes.new("ShaderNodeTexEnvironment")
>>> enode.image = bpy.data.images.load(path)


How to set a background using the cycles render engine with the API

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    $\begingroup$ The only thing that is missing is to then link the node: node_tree = C.scene.world.node_tree node_tree.links.new(enode.outputs['Color'], node_tree.nodes['Background'].inputs['Color']) $\endgroup$
    – Martin R.
    Commented Feb 5, 2020 at 19:59

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