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How to model this stand? I've tried to use curve, but it doesn't look right.enter image description here


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Edit: Probably much easier since 2.8 with the new Mirror "Bisect" option

Former answer:

  • Create a cylinder (12 vertices), put its origin to its bottom.
  • Duplicate it with a shiftDenter.
  • Rotate the copy 120° on the Y axis (or whatever angle).
  • Duplicate the second cylinder and rotate it 120° on the Z axis.
  • Again create a fourth cylinder and rotate it 120°.
  • Now use some Boolean modifiers to merge these 4 cylinder.
  • Remove doubles to make the final object clean. You should not have any vertices inside your mesh but if it happened just delete them.

enter image description here


Alt + C (Convert to Geometry) Delete bad intersecting faces, rebuild (re model). There´s no way around to bypass this bad geometry issue you have with the skin modifier since there´s not the necessary number of polygons between intersections, not even if you scale them.

Convert the mesh. Recreate patches to the leg.

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