I've been using opengl to create a programmable virtual environment for a university project. I need to load a model of a character and animate it. I found a model of a wolf on blendswap i like very much, which already has some basic skeletal animations. I downloaded the blend file, and exported it as .fbx because other formats didn't seem to work on my importer.

The importer detects 6 animations (which is correct), out of which i only wish to use one of them. Not having done this sort of thing before, I am facing some problems. After several weeks of trying i managed to properly load the wolf and watch him move. However the animation is distorted:

enter image description here

Now, in this picture i couldn't help but notice that half of the model is working properly, whereas the other half is deformed and stretched downwards. After several, unfruitful, multiple-hour debugging sessions i have started to suspect that something in the model itself might be causing this. Also the information my importer prints about the model states there are 5 meshes in it, and i can't really distinguish between them.

I have too little experience using blender, so i would like to ask if anyone can think what might be causing this and how i could possibly fix it. I am really sorry if i haven't provided every useful bit of information, but i will do so if requested. Thanks in advance.


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