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I'm having trouble with the constraints staying attached to the weapon.

The weapon has its own rig, the root bone has the "Child Of" constraint to the separate player_rig's right hand bone.(The problem will occur after selecting the player_rig even though not shown in the gif)

And for the left hand I have a Hand_Offset bone attached to the weapon_rig witch the left hand has a "Copy Rotation/Location"(With world to pose). Constraint as seen in the above gif, neither the left or right hand fallows the corresponding bone constraints depending on which rig is selected. Even after baking the animations for both rigs the problem consists.

I was hoping someone knows how to properly constraint the two separate rigs with a solid connection between the two rigs.

Sorry if I'm not conveying the problem well enough, I don't understand the background fundamentals of how these constraints work. Thanks for reading!


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