as the title says, i am having a issue when trying to bake this object as a test that i done myself (and graciously thanks for this test i found this unexpected bug), so i have been using this addon https://blenderartists.org/t/addon-yet-another-vertex-normal-editor-y-a-v-n-e/662705 its a miracle to have this in blender, it helps a lot with fxing triangules, ngons shading in surfaces, and gives a proper and fixed shading for beveled or not beveled objects such like this, so with this addon i dont need to add sharp edges (actually it does add sharp lines automaticly in areas where are 90 degrees angles, sometimes it fails doing it, by not adding a complete sharp edge because of the triangules in the mesh) in where it needed before, so i discover that i fixed this issue by adding the sharp edges to it, so it perfectly baked the normal texture, but i want to achieve the fact of not using sharp edges to fix that, please help is appreciated here... enter image description here


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