I'm creating a rig that involves the flapping of wings. The goal is to have the long finger/feathers act almost like a reverse IK constraint where the target is the root bone. I attempted this by adding spline IKs to each finger/feather and hooking the joints of the spline to bones that I've added the copy location constraint to, targeting the previous control bone in the chain. this is the look of the rig with the hidden bones shown This is it in action

When using this setup it's easy for the splines to get tangled up, that's to be expected I presume. The problem is I can't untangle the splines due to a rotation issue likely caused by the copy location constraints. the setup still allows for manual tweaking of the automated followthrough, but if i wanted to rotate the hook control bones, it rotates around the target of the constraint, making it impossible to untangle.tangled splinesrotation around target instead of center

I imagine this is cause by the space options in the copy location constraints, they're set to local --> local with parent, no other combination seems to get the desired effect and the local with parent seems to be causing the rotation issue.

I'm thinking now that there has to be an easier way to achieve this desired effect. or if not, I imagine the solution to the issue in this implementation is right under my nose


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