I've created an animation in Blender with the mask modifier to make the characters feet disappear before another action takes place. The dropping and spinning animation is exported as I want to Unity, but not the masking of the feet and shell thing (they stay the same). I am using NLA to get the shell to close, the feet to disappear and the whole thing to drop at the same time. I do not apply the mask modifier before exporting, because this causes for example the feet to stay masked (invisible) the whole animation instead. Is it possible to use the mask modifier with Unity or is there another way to achieve this animation that is also supported by Unity? I saw something about animating a material change to be transparent, but I would like to avoid that since I am going to make the materials in Unity and try to keep as few materials as possible for the whole game. Any help is appreciated as always!

Here is how it looks in Blender enter image description here


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