This is a difficult issue to explain, so bare with me. Also, I did not know whether to ask Blender people or Unity people, so I asked both.

In Blender, I am trying to create an object for a game that is controlled by the player. This spinny-cutty thing is what I am making:

My game is a clone, so here is a pic from the actual game

So, my questions are:

1) When creating this object in Blender, should I make it with a top-down camera OR should I use an isometric camera like I used when making the tiles for the map?

I ask this because I tried using the same isometric camera used for the tiles and it looked kind of wonky...but who knows, maybe I just messed something up. Also, I ask because in the picture above, the object looks kind of isometric and not completely top-down...but maybe that is just an effect they achieved with shadows...not sure, I'm a programmer, not an artist.

2) This question may need to be answered by people who have more practice with making games. In the game, this object spins around in circles. Should this rotation be controlled by code that does the rotating in Unity OR should the rotation be controlled by creating the animation in Blender and making the animation run in Unity.

I think if I create the object with an isometric camera in Blender, then I cannot rotate it using code, I think I would have to use animations created in Blender. So, these two questions are somewhat connected which adds complexity.

So, what do you guys think? I am no artist, so I would appreciate any help!


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