So, I downloaded a blender file off of BlendSwap and ported over an animation I made in Source Filmmaker over to Blender. I'm pretty new to Blender so I don't know what could be causing this, but I set up the animation to render 360° VR and I noticed when I render the animation in Blender the images look mostly fine but have these dark edges. cycles I'm pretty sure these must be caused by some sort of post-processing filter because these edges don't show up in the cycles window but they do in the exported image. I also had to convert the image here to a JPG because of the 2MB upload limit.

Another thing is that you can also notice visible seams in the shading between the eyes and the face and such. This is because the model was ported from Pokemon and I had to separate the meshes by materials when following a tutorial on how to get facial animation working as I used a UV Warp modifier and such, which resulted in Blender treating the meshes as if they were separate and shading them as such, but the meshes still show up under the same armature. Is there any way that I can fix these seams and keep the facial animation? Please note that I have two models imported for the body as there is two versions of the model from the Pokemon game which correspond to what gender the Pokemon has, and in this screenshot only the male one is active. If possible, I want to fix the shading so it looks unified with whichever model is visible in such a way that I can switch the model that's visible and don't have to re-do the shading.

How can I do this?


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