I do renderings of commercial centers and residential subdivisions. I am coming from Sketchup because I want to start modifying drone footage and inserting my models.

One of the areas I am struggling with is that of landscaping these scenes. Lots of these higher end shopping centers have TONS of landscaping. Hundreds of trees, and easily thousands of bushes.

But, in order to have a convincing rendering you need to have 3D assets.

The way around this in Sketchup is to use, what we call "Proxies." Basically what it does is that instead of importing the entire model hundreds of individual times, which would totally crash the program, it just imports an empty box, which serves as directions to the rendering engine of the model, which is saved somewhere else.

Here is a link with someone explaining it better than that:

Link to video on Sketchup Proxies

My question is does Blender have a feature like this?


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