I have a large geometry with many creases that have poor topology.The large polygons near the crease are mismatched along edges and small area, slender triangles connect the larger polygons.

enter image description here

There are several hundred regions like this on the geometry that need to be repaired, so a manual approach to fix these regions is not useful.

The following approaches have been used without success:

The problems seems to be - removal of degenerate triangle faces leaves edges in place which prevent fill holes from improving the topology - there does not appear to be a way to merge a vertex to an edge if they are very close.

Is there a procedure that will help fix this topology so there is a single edge along this crease?

  • $\begingroup$ It depends on the type of mesh you're dealing with, but the remesh modifier might be helpful here. $\endgroup$ – Lukas Valine Feb 10 at 22:18

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