Blender: 2.79

OS: Linux

I make series of video (Teaching, News, Vlog) and make set of "decorations" Titles (Video Topic, Speaker, credits ...) with nice fade-in and fade-out, semi pransparent blocks as background for titles, company logo and animation (image sequence).

I like to use same set of titles in other videos for serie.

How to apply such "titles" set template.

1. Prerendered animation:

Not applicable, because I need change text in titles.

2. Append Scene:

I can append scene from other blend file. it ok.

But when I copy stripes to main scene it lost f-curves which contain offset and transparency key-frames.

So I need for each f-curve create dumb key-frame and copy f-curve.

3. Start from blend with titles

For titles it Ok.

But it make cut and move source footage much harder (to not move titles)

And Look ugly as technology.

4. Render video without titles and insert as single movie in template (like 3)

Look like good idea, but it re-encode video on more time.

So I not see comfortable way to do it...


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