Hey this may be a silly question but when I made a rig in blender 2.79 (I didn't use rigify) I saved it and opened it on blender 2.8 and by a habit I saved it and now I tried to open it using blender 2.79 and it didn't work when I try to open blender 2.79 it crashes but it still works on 2.8 and I tried the append trick but only parent bones worked But the child bones worked when I selected it from the outliner tab How can I fix this?

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    $\begingroup$ 2.8 is not backwards compatible with 2.79. You can import from 2.79 to 2.8 but not the other way around. $\endgroup$ – Jaroslav Jerryno Novotny Feb 8 '19 at 19:36
  • $\begingroup$ Depending on your model (which we unfortunately know nothing about) you can try to export it from 2.80 into a format that contains animations and then import it into Blender 2.79. $\endgroup$ – metaphor_set Mar 12 '19 at 6:18

Blender files created with newer versions of Blender should not be opened in older versions of Blender, especially with Blender 2.8 as a lot has changed. What I recommend is having more than one version of Blender installed and/or exporting models and using them in your scenes with newer or older versions of Blender (use DAE format, etc.).

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  • $\begingroup$ So it is not possible to fix this? $\endgroup$ – Mr. Tj Feb 10 '19 at 17:08
  • $\begingroup$ It doesn't make sense too because newer versions of Blender have features not present in older versions, and possibly vice versa depending on the case. $\endgroup$ – Matthew Anderson Feb 10 '19 at 19:03

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