I've modeled a bigger scene and up until now I could see the image textures in material view. Now I changed one of the 3D-objects in edit mode, did not like it and pressed CTRL-Z several times to get back in history - but all of a sudden every material using an image texture shows up solid black in material view. The procedural materials are fine. I guess I missed the CTRL-Z and ended up with some unknown shortcut - but which one is ist? I already checked my textures - the uv-maps are all right, the maximum draw mode is okay, too, everything still renders fine.

  • $\begingroup$ Okay, seems I had something of a slow crash at that moment. Just after writing this question, already having CLOSED Blender (while it was responding and rendering all the time), the system notified me about "Blender having crashed". On reopening, my textures are viewable again. The things that happen every day... $\endgroup$ – bstabens Feb 7 at 12:06

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