Okay folks, here's a question for some of you python pro's. I am trying to randomize the position of an object in blender. Here's the catch: The object is a cylindrical array.

To put it in another way, I want to take this,

enter image description here

and wrap it into a cylinder.

enter image description here

The Code I originally found for this effect is used in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrAXiQINiSs

Anyone got any advice?

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    $\begingroup$ Create the cubes using either two Array Modifiers or Particles(Grid) in X and Y then use the Random Transform to move them in Z (or use code). Then create a Bezier Circle and use a Curve Modifier to wrap the original around the Circle. $\endgroup$ – rob Feb 7 at 9:17

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