So I have a bone that is animated. It goes from one side of the level to the other on the x axis. My character’s cube is parented to the bone (ctrl+P > Bone). It has a couple z-axis only animations like a jump/fall animation. When it collides with a stationary cube, I have it set up so that it plays an action that snaps it back to the bone. The jump/fall animation works, but the snap animation does not. I am very confused as it all seems logical to my brain? Can anyone tell what I’m doing wrong? Dot blend file included below.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yUndIOPHD9nON_kt0ACPAKQJ0e7L6v0R/view?usp=sharing 1

This is for my minecart/roller-coaster level. A broken roller coaster where you have to jump over the gaps. Thanks for helping out!


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