I have a material that works very well in Cycles, but nothing appears in EEVEE. Where does this problem come from? Is there any way to fix that?

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Not all shader nodes that work with Cycles work also with Eevee. The Geometry "Pointiness" socket doesn't, as well as the other "geometry-aware" nodes like Ambient Occlusion or Bevel.

Here is a reference about node support: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/render/eevee/materials/nodes_support.html

If your mesh isn't animated, you can bake Pointiness using Cycles and then use it in Eevee:

  1. Unwrap your mesh,
  2. connect the end of the Color Ramp to an Emission shader and the Emission Shader to the Material Output
  3. Add an Image Texture* node, with a blank, new image, and leave it unconnected, but selected
  4. Bake in "Emission" mode (while using Cycles)
  5. Save the baked image
  6. Use the baked image as a Texture* for the Mix factor in Eevee

* if you have multiple UV maps, the image textures must always have their Vector input connected to the correct UV Map node.


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