Hello Blenderstackexchange-onians. I come from a Maya/Unity background and have been following various tutorials to mess with my viewport settings. I have things almost exactly how I want them, but I am stumped on adding the last setting.

What I am trying to do: Have my viewport zoom in and out while scrolling my mouse wheel while also holding down the alt key. Like this https://gyazo.com/e7d49b96c35ec9a337e3573aae1390d5 except I want it to do this while I am holding down ALT.

What is currently happening: While ALT is held down and my mouse wheel is scrolled, it scrubs my timeline like this https://gyazo.com/73cb2a8b92c9aa42cf36d1c72daeb488

What I have tried: Adding these in User Preferences https://gyazo.com/c197bd312f767ae373733e5e155a5041

...I am assuming either I am doing the hotkey adding incorrectly or the animation timeline scrubbing is overriding my attempts at using the alt key while zooming.

Any ideas?


If you want to zoom using Alt and holding middle mouse button:

  • Press CtrlAltU to open User Preferences

  • Go to Input and find "Zoom"

  • In the 3D View section, find "Zoom View" and change Ctrl Middle Mouse to Alt Middle Mouse

enter image description here

If you also want to zoom by holding Alt while scrolling the wheel:

  • Find "Zoom View" item with "Wheel In" / "Out" and add Alt to the shortcut
  • Disable "Frame Offset" shortcut

enter image description here

Personally, I prefer to getting used to Blender's defaults if possible, as it often fit's the different workflow better.

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  • $\begingroup$ I am glad to help! :) You can accept the answer if it solves your problem, thanks :) $\endgroup$ – Jan Kadeřábek Feb 6 '19 at 10:33

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