I have 20 images and i want to create a 4 minute video out of it. by just defining the order of which these images appear in the video in a lengthy list. this list would look somehow like this: 5,4,19,2,1,4,5,3,4 and in my folder i have files numbered from 1 to 20 now i want to avoid of making a copy of all those frames and rename them by script to have a conventional image sequence. I d like to create the video from this list. I have to create 256 videos from the same set of images from which every set is altered in color and effects. so thats why I dont want to create all 1000 frame files for every video . I thought it might be possible via a script and blender video sequence editor. Can some expert help me out? --EDIT: i just tried to create a symlink to the folder with images then i created a sequence of symlinks like the following enter image description here i loaded it as image strip but it was just black sadly... --> i will take a look if this works somehow : How to automate blender video sequencer Thanks alot ! Flub


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