In 2.8 there is information at the bottom right of the screen, for my Collection it shows Verts: Faces: Tris: Objects: Mem: (See Screenshot).

The vase or baluster shows that it has 266 verts, 467 edges, 200 Faces and 414 Tris. The option to convert Tris to Quads does not change this in any way. Is that because the Tris are not on the faces? Where are the tris? I don't see any (I've deleted the bottom and top faces not shown here). But more importantly what should I be thinking about in terms of keeping the object size small? Is the Mem: 91 MB showing the objects memory usage or the amount of memory being used by Blender in general? Is Mem an accurate representation of memory usage or more of a general indicator? It seems more like a general indicator to me. Can anyone recommend a doc or video specifically about ways to create/edit objects to be small and efficient? I built a somewhat complex blender scene that is using 7Gig and it's getting laggy so I am asking this to learn what I can do to increase scene sophistication without breaking my computer memory. Are object arrays memory efficient or do they scale linearly? (Is an array of 10 objects 10 times more expensive on memory than a single object (I would hope not)).

Thanks in advance for any/all information and advice on this!

enter image description here

enter image description here


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