hoping someone can take a look at my work and tell me where I dun goof'd. I'm new to blender from Maya and fairly new to rigging. I need to import this animation to keyshot as my boss wants as much kept in keyshot as possible (and the rest of the models and lighting for this were already done in keyshot so...)

I tried importing as an abc file with the lil animation thing ticked, and it animates just fine when imported to keyshot, but the textures and materials in keyshot just get all kinds of messed up when I apply any, and cant scale either. FBX didnt keep the animation.

I dont really know what the issue could be. I tried a few export options on both ends (such as keeping UVs out) and I dont THINK I did anything wrong. Topology seems fine, it shows up okay on both keyshot and blender... any help would be vastly appreciated.



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