I have a character game model that is approx 77k vertices. I have decimate it from 1 million Vertices in order to save resources.Currently the characters body is separated by its own mesh, i understand how to rig it and it requires to have all the parts joined. However i want to apply texture and I haven't got the slightest clue how to approach it. I looked at many tutorials such as texture paint, Normal map, bump map, and bake. Im not sure if there's anymore ways to add texture. Because there are nooks and crannys in my model that i want to get color in, what is the best way to approach it? Do I wrap, bake or texture paint each section of the mesh and then CTRL J them or do i have to Retop it even though 77k vertices is quite low and then wrap it? and even if i retop the mesh do i retop just the single parts or do i retop the entire whole mesh? This is probably one of my many question that will lead to more question. I may be over thinking it but texturing is probably the hardest process for me. Also is there a site where they show you how to create specific effects with the nodes or is that a trial and error? Attache is the blend file. Trying to have a martian red metal look and add on other colors as well as add in details.


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