So found this 'beginner' tutorial on blender 2.8 that makes this nifty low poly scene. 3 minutes in I am like 'um not getting the same thing'. Tried it several times and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong when going into sculpt mode from relative to constant at a resolution of 6. It looks nothing like the video which I follow as far as I can tell to a T...


and my result:

enter image description here

It is so course and nothing like what he gets about 3.5 minutes in?

  • $\begingroup$ What size and subdivision of icosphere did you start with? Still only see that he turns on dyntopo, sets it to constant detail and sets the scale to 6 and uses a simple draw brush. $\endgroup$ – Craig D Jones Jan 27 '19 at 4:17
  • $\begingroup$ I did what he did, added the icosphere, made it from 2 to 3 subdivisions, then scaled it by 10, which was accomplished by hitting S then typing 10. $\endgroup$ – Codejoy Jan 27 '19 at 4:29
  • $\begingroup$ Maybe try applying scale and rotation with ctrl-A... $\endgroup$ – Craig D Jones Jan 27 '19 at 5:22
  • $\begingroup$ couldn't figure out the rotation portion, like what rotation would I give it? I did notice it didn't look like in the video but it also was't all jankey if instead of scaling i increased the radius to 10m (not sure if the units are the same) or what the difference is in creating the sphere and increasing the radius vs scaling it with S $\endgroup$ – Codejoy Jan 27 '19 at 18:08
  • $\begingroup$ I just mean to apply scale and rotation under object so that the tools behave properly. $\endgroup$ – Craig D Jones Jan 27 '19 at 19:48

I found this same issue coming into the tutorial, and one of the things I did was check the comments and a user with the name Daium said to try setting the resolution to 60. I think it is because this person in the tutorial had a different scale with numbers. anyway I tried it and it worked.


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