I am trying to export a model that consists of multiple meshes and an armature. The problem is the rotation, as seem to be a famous problem. Also the origin point when exported to Unity is'nt where I want it to be.

When I rotate the mesh and armature around any axis it is fine, but when I apply the rotation my mesh gets deformed. Why (parenting problem)? And even if I rotate my model -90 degrees around the x-axis like everyone suggests and then export it, my front of the model is not facing the same way as in Blender...

How can I set the origin point in Blender so it is the same in unity? When I set the origin point of all meshes to a common origin point (0,0,0) the origin point in Unity becomes the point of the armatures origin point in blender. And if I try to set the origin point of the armature in Blender to the same as the meshs origin point the mesh gets deformed. How does Unity chose what becomes the origin point for the object? Help would be appreciated, I'm stuck


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