Hello I am trying to make a usable n64 model for a unity3D learning project. it is from smash bros 64 which used multiple meshes for each body part.

I am currently having trouble combining the uvs and textures into 1 texture atlas. whenever I try using the smart uv project it messes up my textures.

this is what I have tried.. -creating a 1024x1024 black texture in the uv editor. -unwrapping multiple objects in object mode with smart uv project. -attempting to fix them with texture bake.

whatever I do it seems that it messes up the uvs.

enter image description here

here is my before and after files

https://drive.google.com/open?id=19mUeaURrHf0kIpijEhUHpil_Rrgvc03B https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mAQP3zGQ3mujrUTYk4BsxLPWHJQNT-LJ

I would really link to know how to fix this as I am new to 3d modeling and I want to get into it.

if anybody is wondering I am using blender render mode.


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