I'm trying to make a walkway with planks for a game. As part of this, I need to make a walkway with a right angle. As such, I want to make a clean line where the planks heading in different directions combine cleanly. The picture should more clearly show the problem. I've tried creating a triangle and booleaning the planks, but that ended up not working properly. I used a cut tool to cut the planks as can be seen in the image. I'm stuck on where to go from here.

enter image description here


I personally think the imperfections in your joined planks look good.

However for a precise approach consider the following. The Knife Tool has the option to cut in steps of 45°.

  1. Go into edit mode. ↹ Tab
  2. Use the Knife Tool K to cut a 45 degree angle by pressing C once to activate snapping duration the operation.
  3. Remove the vertices which are not needed. X
  4. Snap the cursor to the outer corner where the planks join. ⇧ ShiftS > Cursor to selected
  5. Select all A and duplicate the geometry ⇧ ShiftD. Let it rest in the same place. RMB RMB
  6. Activate Cursor as Pivot NumpadPeriod, then rotate the duplicated geometry 90 degree around the cursor pivot. R90⏎ Enter.
  7. Mirror it in Y. SY-1 or ⎈ CtrlMY
  8. Remove the double vertices. W>R

cutting planks

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