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enter image description here

Hey all, first time rigging in Blender (I also have very little rigging experience) and I need this to bend in 3 locations - much like canvas material. You can kinda easily tell where. But I'm struggling to get this right. Sometimes theres a little bump that arches up or the top part shrinks when bending back, and doesnt even stay with the bone.

Any suggestions / common logic as to why? Maybe I should try a lattice instead? As this is part of a project due tomorrow.

Secondly, if there was more parts to this being animated and I exported this as an .abc file, would I be able to keep them all as separate objects to texture them in KeyShot, or would I have to jump through hoops? Cause if I cant, I may just do the canvas shown above in blender and just animate the rest in KeyShot to work around it. Thanks in advance!


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