To make the question more simple, I'll give you a narrowed down version of the problem than I actually have. Say, for example, I am animating a few objects' render and viewport visibilities for a game.

I have two animations that I'm gonna use in the game engine (while it still exists) and I'm gonna use logic bricks to play the animations at different times in the game. In one animation, the objects are appearing and disappearing multiple times, in the other animation, they are visible the entire time.

When I try to play the second animation where all the objects should be visible, they dissapear at random keyframes where the visibility was restricted from the first animation. Here's all I did:

keyframed viewport and render icons I pushed 'i' with my cursor over these. And. . .

DopeSheetSummaryLabels <<< in one of the actions, I get these labels ("Restrict View" and "Restrict Render") but not the other one. Even with these labels, it doesn't show which objects that I had restricted visibility for.

I am using the action editor within the dope sheet window. Is there a way to have greater control over visibility keyframes in multiple animations, where the keyframes of one animation stay in that animation and do not carry over into other animations? Thanks. :)


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