I followed the blender Guru tutorial and modeled the Anvil. I made 2 models The larger one is mine where the texture seems to work fine. But the small one in foreground was followed from tutorial and the front lower part is blank.

I know the texturing is less than ideal but this is my 1st time actually UV mapping.

[The Texture Not appearing on the lower front part of Anvil][1]

enter image description here

Solutions tried 1. deleting and re-applying 2. changing normals (Shift + n and ctrl+shift+n) 3. adding unwanted seams 4. restarting blender. 5. thinking of doing it all over again! 6. clearing seam and doing a smart UV

Smart UV works without a fault, but the textures are all wrong.

The one in the background seems to be fine yet I've to tune the textures but here nothing is happening.

So what did I do wrong?

I'm on blender 2.8

Here is the file link

The geometry is less than ideal btw so I turned on the subdivision adjust edit cage in modifier panel.


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