How can I make it so the lowest circle thing (armature?) on the bones in the spine is the parent of the highest armature in the leg? Is that even something I can do? When I try to parent it in the settings for the Bone, it parents it to the bone directly above the bone instead of the one under it.

What I have now what i have now

What happens when I try to parent it. what happens when i try to parent it


Your bone is correctly parented, when a bone is parented (child), there's a dotted line that goes from its head to the tail of its parent. So maybe I haven't understood your question correctly but it looks like you're good.

  • $\begingroup$ I wanted it to parent like this imgur.com/a/HiKhEJ4 But when I think about it, I think you're right, and that this may be better for posing anyways. Thanks! $\endgroup$ – notMateo Jan 22 at 16:03

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