So I'm working right now on a CS:GO Character that I imported from CS:GO. I've got normal map and diffuse texture for the model, but not the roughness map. without the roughness map, characters hair has exactly the same roughness as the skin which is absolutely wrong.

I'm trying to paint out the area where characters hair is so I could use that new black and white image later as my roughness. The same workflow as Blender Guru used in his anvil tutorial, where he made two different metal types... blah blah blah

So I've ran into a problem. Because I'm painting onto a new, black texture, I'm not able to see where the hair are, because the black texture is what I'm painting on. Is there a way to see one texture as a reference as py painted strokes go onto a fresh black texture.

Maybe there is no solution because I know that blender's texture painting is quite shite. I may aswell use Gimp to achieve it, but I'm just curious, if something along these lines is even possible with Blender.

Recreation of what I'm thinking enter image description here Hope you got my point and I'm waithing for a response :)

  • $\begingroup$ We need to see more than this. If you are using multiple textures, then I need to see the way you are using them like in nodes or just as blender render material texture stack alone? I need to see how you are mixing the new texture, etc. Also, if you are using 2.79 then you can use the Mask Tool and paint into a new mask and see the feedback however you want it. youtu.be/8EADlsrK1LQ $\endgroup$ – Craig D Jones Jan 21 '19 at 4:21

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