Blender 2.77. macOS 10.13.3.

Rigged character, armature, and animation are exported as Collada .dae.

Character mesh looks fine when .DAE file is opened in Cheetah (see screenshot).

Character mesh is severely distorted when .DAE file is opened on macOS using mac's "Preview" app (see screen shot). See same distortion when DAE is imported into Xcode.

Thank you.

Cheetah screenshot

macOS "Preview" app screenshot

  • $\begingroup$ Found a workaround: Load the Blender-exported DAE into Cheetah3D, then export from Cheetah to another DAE. The Cheetah-exported DAE looks fine in both mac Preview app and in Xcode / SceneKit. $\endgroup$ – user1899931 Jan 18 at 20:19

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