Let's say I want to create a video with a large number of fairly complex transitions --- for the sake of argument, let's consider an old-fashioned carousel project slideshow. On each transition, the image needs to be moved off to the left, with the new image moved on from the right.

Setting this up once isn't too bad; I spend a few minutes fiddling with the keyframes and curves, and it's done. But now I have 150 more images to apply the same effect to. What's worse, once I render and send it off to my boss they're likely to send it back to me telling me to speed up every transition by 5%.

What I'd really like to do is to create a custom effect strip which applies the effect; then whenever I want my effect I simply overlap two images and apply the custom transition. Crucially, I would then be able to edit the transition strip to change the timings throughout the video.

Is such a thing possible, and if so, how?

Things I've looked at:

  • I've looked at metastrips, but I don't think they're usable as effects. Plus, I don't think I can create a linked duplicate (Alt+D doesn't appear to work in the VSE), so I'd still need to go through and edit each one manually to adjust the timings.

  • I know about mask effects, which look great, but they can only overlay one strip on another, and can't apply effects like translations or scales.


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