I have been attempting to export a FBX file consisting of multiple models from 3ds Max 2019 and importing the FBX file into blender to make some changes. Every time I have attempted this, the models looks something like what is shown in the image below:

enter image description here

I have attempted to perform the FBX export and the import in different ways and can never change the end result. I could keep using 3ds Max 2019, but I would prefer to get it working with blender as well. All the original models were done either in SolidWorks or Inventer, but I really need to use blender to alter them for my projects.

If anyone has experienced the same problem and found a solution, I would really appreciate any advice.

  • $\begingroup$ Does it import fine in other software? Can you use a different file type? $\endgroup$ – Sazerac Jan 18 '19 at 4:48
  • $\begingroup$ I'm having this exact same issue as well, did you happen upon a solution? $\endgroup$ – J Berg Jul 24 '19 at 12:56

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