I don't know what kind of error is this error,I'll call it 'Black Screen error'.

This error appears randomly. For example: when I modeling, UV unweaping, jump into Texture mod...

Recently I had upgraded my CPU(Ryzen7 1800x), motherboard and I bought 700w PSU,
also I reinstaled Windows and moved blender on SSD for faster loading.
I really don't know if 8 Core CPU is issue for blender 2.79,
and I can't find out any fix of this black screen error.

I'll be glad for any response. I'm encloasing screenshot of error.enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Well there isn't really much information in the screenshot other than it's black screen where should be drawn Blender UI. If this appears after you open any file and work with it (not just after launch) try to look into graphic drivers, update them / rollback, specify graphic card model so that there is more info in your question. Try also to work in Blender with its console window opened so if it breaks you can look up any messages there $\endgroup$ – Mr Zak Jan 18 at 0:17

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