I am trying to make a Earth-like planet in Blender 2.8. I will try to explain my question with details if possible. Here is the shader I am using in text form:

[Noise Texture]|Fac|>|Fac|[Color Ramp]>|Base Color|[Principlied]|BSDF|>|surface|[Material Output]

There are green and blue colors in the Color Ramp.

The thing I want to do is:

low roughness on blue color

high roughness on green color

The water needs to be like this:


The ground needs to be like this:


If you still do not understand, I want my planet to have reflective water, and a solid ground that are made with noise texture and color ramp.

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Take the factor node output of the noise texture and feed it into a color ramp object. Take the color output of the color ramp and feed it to roughness of the principled shader. Use the color ramp object to create a sharp gradient that cuts off at the same point as your land. You can use the same color ramp to set a lot of different properties, granting you sophisticated control over land vs sea.

You can use a more complicated ramp to vary the land behavior vs altitude and other subtle shading effects.

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