I am currently creating an interior scene and want to show different examples of wall/ floor materials to my customer. So I was thinking about how to organize my scene when I want to have different sets of materials on my objects.

Right now I have about 15 objects that use the same wall material (partly on a few faces only) and 3 wall materials I want to show (paint, wood, tiles).

What do you think is the best way to do that?

My first idea was to simply copy all the walls to a new layer and then change the material. pros: one click - switching between scenes cons: - file becomes bigger - Objects are not linked, so if I change something it will be in one scene only

==> Is there a way I can create a linked object without linking the material?

Second idea was to attach all the materials to the same object and change them by applying them in edit mode (I will have to create vertex groups for the faces I need).

pros: I don't create unwanted copies of my objects cons: I will have to do that manualy for every object

Third idea is to turn every material into a node group, then create a kind of master material (called something like "wall covering"), add all the node groups to this material and switch between them by connecting the node groups to the material output - node.

pros: 1click - changing of material on all objects at the same time - no copies of my objects

cons: if I want to make a change to a material I will have to change the node group instead

Has anyone experience with any of these solutions or any new ideas? Are their any important pros/ cons I didn't think of?

I am currently using the beta of blender 2.8.


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