My objective: I have a cartoon character and I want to model, take pictures and put it in websites.

Where I am: I baked all the UV maps textures in blender render and the Eyes texture is noded in the Cycle render. From there I don't know what to do.

What I did?: - I didn't join all the objects ie. body and accessories from the character (eyes, head, etc) they all separated. - After rigging (putting bones) I assigned weight automatically and all the separated objects were under the Armature hierarchy. There I UV mapped, added material, texture and baked all the objects, as I said, separated.

What am I doing? According to different tutorials I need now to take the baked UV maps (texture) and I need to node them to the character so they show up in the Cycle render or when I render.

Here is the problem: I'm traying to node the baked UV maps of every separated objects. I started with the head and the texture is shown up on the rendering window, good. But when I select the next object, the shoes, I don't have nodes to link.

What do I need to do?


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