So, I'm currently using Blender as CAD software for 3D printing. (yeah, I know, but I'm on Linux and FreeCAD is essentially unusable, so I'm making do.) I've got a large set of prints I'm working on that all share a set of common parts. I would like to be able to have these parts all link back to source libraries so that I can easily update them when I do modifications to the libraries.

enter image description here

So here, I've got the object I'm working on. Also, highlighted is a linked proxy of the library part I want to include. If you look at the larger part, you can see negative cutouts. These were made by hand by appending the same library part and manually merging its verts into the larger object as pockets. This works well but is laborious and any change in the source file means I have to go and delete all the previous changes and merge in new ones by hand.

I've trying the linked object with boolean modifiers as an alternate way of generating the pockets, but those generated pockets don't update when the source library changes. The proxy updates but pockets NOT-ed out of the object do not update.

Is there a way to link in an external library so that I can modify an object in a child file (both additively and subtractively, since I'm adding both pockets as well as extensions of this object) such that those modifications update when the source library is updated?


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