I've recently switched over to the Blender 2.80 BETA release, as it seems to be (more or less) stable enough for general use at this point.

So far I've been able to figure out most things that would otherwise break my workflow—crashes that are easily avoidable, changes between render engines that are easy enough to solve, etc.—but something that has been completely ruining my usage has been a seeming limit on textures per shaders.

I'm switching between Eevee and Cycles as I work on a scene vs. rendering said scene. I'm using a Principled BSDF as my primary shader for most materials, but occasionally using some others for some additional effects. (All very banal, but still worth mentioning.) In Cycles, everything's working just fine. The scene renders well, everything looks good. No problems.

The thing is...when I go to Eevee (or anything Eevee-based), some of my materials seemingly randomly turn completely pink, ignoring basically every setting I've assigned to them.

I think I've narrowed this down to having over nine image texture nodes plugged into the Principled BSDF (some nodes being mixed with others through MixRGB and Bump nodes, of course). I add a tenth one to the mix, boom! the entire material conks out, even if other shaders are being mixed in later in the node tree.

This, of course, is less than ideal.

Is this a bug in an incomplete piece of software? Is there a limiting setting hidden somewhere that I needs must change, set to a lower default for superior performance? Or is this just an inherent limitation of Eevee? If there is a solution, how do I fix this (without removing textures from the mix)?

Other notes:

-Please note I've only specifically encountered this issue with the Principled BSDF, but given that it is the Principled BSDF it is likely the most common place for this issue.

-I'm using multiple UV maps for many of these things. Not sure if that matters at all.

-I'm using files from 2.79b, but materials created in 2.80 also seem to have this issue, so that's probably not a major factor? The Principled BSDF itself seems to have a few transitional issues between versions, but I think that's probably a bug or something.

-I'm using a Macbook Pro (15-inch 2018), MacOS Mojave. I'm using my CPU, so far as I can tell.

-My version of 2.80 was released on 2019-01-04.

  • $\begingroup$ This sounds like a bug. If you can break down a simple/minimal set of steps and file to reproduce it, you should go submit it to the tracker. $\endgroup$ – Sazerac Jan 8 at 5:17

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